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The Hope's Ministries:

RESOLVE - Men's Fellowship

First Sundays: 9:45 am through June 2017

S.O.H. - Women's Fellowship

First Sundays: 9:45 am through May 2017

Igniting Hope Youth Ministry

Group study for Teens – Sundays: 10 AM

Group Study for Children – Sundays: 10 am

Activities – 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays Children’s Study 11:15 am

Choir Rehearsal & Fellowship – 3rd Fridays – 6:30 pm

Marriage Ministry – Fifth Sundays – 10:00 am

Single's Ministry – Quarterly Fellowships

Hope’s Circle of Good Ministry – Quarterly

The Fellowship of Hope Believes.

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, supernaturally inspired. It is inerrant in the original manuscripts and preserved by God in its verbal, plenary inspiration; and that it is a divinely authoritative standard for every age and every life.

We believe in the Godhead exists eternally in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that these three are one God.

We believe God is the absolute and sole creator of the universe and that creation was by divine command.

We believe God, by His sovereign choice and out of love for men, sent Christ into the world to save sinners.

We believe that Jesus Christ in the flesh was both God and man. He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life; He was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins, and was raised from the dead bodily on the third day. Later, He ascended to the Father's right hand where He is the head of the church and intercedes for believers. We believe Jesus Christ is coming again personally, bodily, and visibly to this earth to set up His millennial kingdom.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ made a perfect atonement for sin, through his sacrificial death and shed blood, and has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. Men are saved and justified on the simple and single ground of His shed blood.

We believe that salvation through Jesus Christ, with its forgiveness of sins, its impartation of a new nature, and its hope of eternal life-is entirely apart from good works, baptism, church membership or man's effort and is of pure grace.

We believe that a true believer is eternally secure, that he cannot lose his salvation, but that sin may interrupt the joy of his fellowship with God and bring the loving discipline of his heavenly Father.

We believe that all who receive Christ become joint heirs with Him, and at death, their spirits and souls depart to be with Christ in conscious blessedness.

We believe that at rapture, their bodies will be raised to the likeness of the body of His glory and dwell forever in His divine presence.

We believe that it is the goal of every Christian to become a disciple of Christ by growing toward spiritual maturity through the knowledge of and obedience to the Word of God and submission to the Holy Spirit, who indwells, baptizes and seals all believers at the moment of salvation.

We believe that every true Christian is to be a dynamic part of a local church since this is God's primary context for spiritual development and community impact.

Our Pastor


George E. Burrell, Sr., Pastor
Formerly Assistant Director,
Jail Chaplaincy Ministry
serving Harris County Jail

Pastor Burrell and his wife Kathy have served in ministry for over 28 years. He has a heart for God's people and a passion for preaching and teaching the infallible Word of God. His vision for church ministry reflects how Jesus ministered while on planet earth, ministering to the "total" person.

Pastor Burrell formerly served as Assistant Director of Jail Chaplains Ministry serving Harris County jails. He began the ministry 27 years ago as a volunteer chaplain and has touched the lives of many inmates, their families as well as the Sheriff's Department deputies and staff.

He attended University of Houston and College of Biblical Studies. He is an alumnus of Billy Graham's School of Evangelism and E.K. Bailey's International Expository Preaching Conferences.

Pastor Burrell is a Silver Award recipient for outstanding Christian Leadership in the community and a board member for "Youth Reach-Houston" (a long-term Christian foster family group home that ministers to the mental, physical and spiritual needs of this generation's troubled young people).

Seeing a great need for teen boys and young men to be discipled and mentored, Pastor Burrell founded, Young Men of Valor, a one day conference (A Day of Discussion, A Day of Acceptance, A Day for Change). For over four years, Young Men of Valor has brought together teen boys and young adult men from various churches, communities and organization from different walks of life to give answers and to impart biblical truths with regard to many pertinent issues that they face each day.

He and Kathy have three adult sons, two daughters-in-love, one granddaughter and five grandsons.


Peace I leave with you; My peace, I give you.

I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27).

When your feelings are lying to you and your world is upside down,
grab a promise off the wall of your heart and rest all your weight on it.
-Ron Hutchcraft-

Please pray for Jesus' peace in your life, your home, and your homeland.

Our philosophy for the Hope’s Ministry as we spread hope in an uncertain world is best communicated in words by Ron Hutchcraft, simply stated:

If you’re going to dare to engage new spiritual frontiers in order to communicate the Gospel to a planet of “post-Christian” and “pre-Christian” people, it requires ever-changing packages for the unchanging, uncompromised Gospel. Jesus did it. The apostle Paul did it. From the Mount of Olives to Mars Hill, the greatest communicators of the Gospel in history understood their audience and what “language” would most creatively and effectively reach them.

Igniting Hope,
Pastor George E. Burrell, Sr.
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