The purpose of the Worship Ministries is to ultimately and entirely bring glory to God; their primary means of fulfilling this goal is by collectively leading and aiding members of the Body of Christ in corporate worship. 

The mission of the church is clearly detailed in the New Testament. We express it this way:





As a Worship Ministry we provide an opportunity for God’s people to worship Him - Honor

To learn about Jesus Christ and the character of God - Nurture

And declare His mighty works, the gospel, and our love for Him through song - Proclaim

Our goal is to provided a place for every person in every service to encounter God.  Whether or not they take advantage of that time is up to them.  How God chooses to move and speak is up to Him.  However, no one who encounters God leaves the same.  

We are at our very best when we are honoring, glorifying, and bringing our worship to God. When Jesus Christ is at the very center of everything in our life.  Sung worship, collectively with the body of wrist is a special time to do this.  

Loving God. Loving People.

Want to worship with us?

We gather weekly to worship God and read from His Word. Our services start with a contemporary worship set of live music, followed by teaching from our pastor or another church leader. These services are a time of personal and collective prayer, fellowship with others, and encouragement for the week ahead. We hope you’ll join us!Below you’ll find brief bios for our Pastor and other members of our church leadership team. Rest assured that these men and women of God are passionate, seasoned, and knowledgeable. If you have any questions about our church or your walk of faith, you can count on them to help guide you to the answer.We hope you feel right at home here. We’re not just a group of people that gathers every Sunday. We’re a family. And we’re here to serve you, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Welcome to our church.