Spreading Hope In An Uncertain World



Enriching Souls

Moments of Reflection

In our Daily Devotions Section, we provide a space for the soul to find moments of peace, reflection, and communion with the divine in the midst of daily life.

Whether through brief meditations, scripture readings, or inspirational messages, these daily devotions are crafted to bring a sense of sacredness to your routine.

Religious Education

Daily Devotions


Nurturing Minds

Growing in Faith

In our Religious Education Section, we invite individuals of all ages to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery. Through thoughtfully curated programs, we aim to nurture minds and enrich souls with the teachings of faith.

From engaging youth programs to enlightening adult studies, our educational initiatives are designed to deepen your understanding of religious principles and foster.

Sunday Worship

A sacred gathering where hearts unite in joyful worship

Full Meditation

Join us for a midweek oasis of calm, as we delve into moments

Harm Hymns

Experience the uplifting power of music in our harmonious hymn

Sacred Group

Engage in meaningful dialogues about faith, life, and community

Connecting in Spirit

Divine Communion

Our Mass services provide a space for spiritual renewal, communal connection, and the celebration of the divine presence.

Eternal Light Mass

Sun h 10

Harmony of Hearts Mass

Mon h 09

Gratitude & Grace Mass

Tue h 04

Solemn Serenity Mass

Wen h 03

Unity in Communion Mass

Sat h 07

Discover the Power of Faith.