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A Warm Welcome Awaits You: Hospitality Ministry

Experience Love and Support in Every Visit

Welcome to the Hospitality Ministry, where love and service meet to create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone who steps through our doors. Inspired by Christ’s example, we are dedicated to making every visitor, member, and guest feel cherished and supported in our church family.


Creating a Home of Faith Through Hospitality

Building a Loving Environment for Worship and Fellowship

Our mission is to embody the love of Christ by ensuring that every person feels a sense of belonging and comfort within our community. Through organized, friendly, and hospitable services, we aim to enhance the worship experience, encourage fellowship, and foster a community of believers united in faith and love.

Leadership Development

Are your kids ready for baptism? Join our welcoming community and celebrate this sacred milestone with us.

Christian Education

Immediately after The Lord’s Day Worship service, one-hour live discipleship interactive sessions are provided for all ages which include prayer, bible study and discussions. These discipleship sessions will be accessible through Zoom as well. Planned systematic teaching is designed to build up the family, individuals and youth to live the Christian life that will bring glory to our God. If you have any questions, call (281) 543-4268.



Warm welcomes from our first point of contact, ensuring everyone feels immediately at home.

Fruits Share & Care Ministry

Providing individuals, families, and communities with donations of clothes, home goods, bedding, toys, and various items to address their specific needs..

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