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Giving at IHFC

Gifts of Grace: Contributing to IHFC's Community Work

At Internal Hope Fellowship Church (IHFC), giving is viewed as a heartfelt expression of faith and a vital support to the church's mission. This generosity enables IHFC to make a significant impact in the community and beyond, embodying God's love through various initiatives and partnerships.

The church encourages both regular attenders and new visitors to participate in this mission of giving, though it emphasizes that there is no obligation for newcomers to contribute. The concept of giving is deeply rooted in the church's values, aligning with the biblical teachings of generosity and joy in helping others.

By giving, you’re directly contributing to initiatives like Youth Reach Houston and Samaritan’s Purse, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

In the spirit of Biblical teachings, we view giving as a joyful and voluntary act of worship, helping to support and grow our community.

Giving Made Easy

Discover How You Can Contribute

Explore convenient ways to support our church's mission. From online and text donations to recurring gifts, mail, in-person offerings, or through stocks and assets, find your preferred method to make a meaningful contribution. Each option is tailored for ease and impact.

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