Spreading Hope In An Uncertain World

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Spreading the Gospel in a Digital Age

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, our Media Ministry is at the forefront of using technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By harnessing the power of media and social platforms, we aim to reach a global audience, sharing the timeless message of faith, hope, and love.

Join us in this exciting journey to make a difference and bring the word of God to every corner of the digital world.

Daily Devotions


Digital Discipleship

Embracing Media for the Gospel

Inspired by Mark 16:15, our mission in the Media Ministry is to embrace and utilize the advancements in media and technology to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a global audience.

We aim to adapt our methods of communication to effectively meet the diverse needs of today's digital-savvy population, ensuring that the timeless message of hope and salvation reaches every corner of the earth through innovative and accessible platforms.

Digital Outreach

We bring the Gospel to visitors worldwide, making spiritual connections without borders.

Video Production

Our engaging videos introduce visitors to our church’s teachings and community, enhancing their online experience.

Audio Ministry

Visitors can easily access sermons and teachings, allowing them to explore faith at their own pace.

Social Media Engagement

We connect with visitors on platforms they use daily, fostering conversations and community around faith.

Connecting in Spirit

Divine Communion

Our Mass services provide a space for spiritual renewal, communal connection, and the celebration of the divine presence.

Eternal Light Mass

Sun h 10

Harmony of Hearts Mass

Mon h 09

Gratitude & Grace Mass

Tue h 04

Solemn Serenity Mass

Wen h 03

Unity in Communion Mass

Sat h 07

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